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Case studies have existed as long as recorded history. A standard, or classic, case is often not the richest in information but it does tell a story. It is a detailed account of a company, industry, person, or project over a given amount of time. The content within a case study may include information about company objectives, strategies, challenges, results, recommendations, and more. Whether you're looking for inspiration, business models, or precedents, aReputation's case studies are a perfect place to start. Help us expand this resource by sharing your work and telling your story. In this cut-throat world, there will always be people who are more than willing to malign your reputation or status if it serves their purpose. Unwittingly or by design, scandalous content regularly finds its way online that causes you heartache and misery. You are ethical and doing well by your side but your reputation online is not in your control. The online domain is a public property and smear campaigns could destroy your hard-earned name. At aReputation, we take great care to ensure that you stay protected.

Case Study-1: Mumbai Businessman
Customer Painpoint:
A businessman from Mumbai had been on the verge of shutting down his enterprise when we stepped in. We will not name him for security purposes but he had reached a point of no return after being subjected to nefarious dramas that haunted him online.
What we did: aReputation’s dedicated team of experts meticulously and tirelessly worked on the case and bit by bit, expunged everything that spelled ill repute. Needless to point out, he is back on track.

Case Study-2: Sports Star
Customer Painpoint:
Sports are no less competitive and unethical means are always employed to make a point. An English footballer, who was trying to establish his footing and facing injury issues, was troubled by wicked and immoral publicity online. His situation was so bad that he was finding it difficult to get a contract with a club. His family was suffering through the nightmare and he reached a point where he decided it was not worth it and almost hung his boots.
What we did: We were approached and we took it upon ourselves to take curative action. Through a series of positive content (photographs, videos, blogs and news articles through interviews), his ratings improved and the malicious material died its natural death. Today, he has a contract with a leading football club in Europe.

Case Study-3: Twitter Account
Customer Painpoint:
Twitter is proving to be a troublesome platform for many. It is being regularly used by disgruntled people to post negative stuff. A businessman from Nagpur bore the brunt of such evil tactics after an angry and discontented ex-employee posted ghastly and reputation-killing tweets about him. He did not rest at that. Cleverly, he made sure that his circle of friends commented on it, thereby, multiplying the wound.
What we did: Well, simple! We removed the whole twitter profile... we killed it.

Case Study-4: Marital discord
Customer Painpoint:
Marital discord can often lead to ugly state of affairs. It’s sad but true that a separation or divorce does not end at just that. Ill-feelings are harboured and in many cases, it reflects online. We experienced a very common but extreme case where an ex-husband, who seemed hell-bent on causing his ex-wife acute discomfort and shame posted her not so nice pictures online. It was, of course, a shocking revelation for the woman who was caught unawares.
What we did: We had successfully dealt with similar cases before so it took us under 48 hours to wipe the posts off the face of websites.

Case Study-5: Dissatisfied employees
Customer Painpoint:
Every business enterprise faces the threat of restless and dissatisfied employees who have been, for some or the other reason, asked to exit. The company may have had valid reason to do so but that is not how the ex-employ would feel. More often than not, he would plot against the organization and use nefarious ways to avenge. Through public forums and blog posts, a middle-aged man who had been asked to put in his papers after he was caught misappropriating funds, posted a series of damaging comments that proved to be torturous for the company.
What we did: Without wasting time, we affected a step-by-step procedure that resulted in the absolute removal of the negative press.

Case Study-6: Kennel Product Company Customer Painpoint: A very reputed Kennel products online company, that does business around the Asia region, were faced with negative consumer reviews that did not reflect the true nature of the company. Its reputation was being influenced by nefarious tactics and causing immense harm to its name and product. Huge losses were incurred and customers were regularly creating bad buzz. Although the assignment that came to us was challenging due to the huge volume of reviews, it was something that we were successfully able to deal with.
What we did: With our credible system in place and specialists in line, we relegated the scandalous publicity to the backmost pages. We almost buried it six feet under.

Case Study-7: Venezuela Businessman
Customer Painpoint:
We catered to a businessman from Venezuela who was troubled by a very peculiar problem. Downbeat and depressing comments posted in different languages were driving him nuts and he appeared to have given up. Although it was a different in its manipulation, it was not difficult for us to crack the problem.
What we did: aReputation work force consists of language experts, too, since we have an international clientele. Hence, it proved to be just another barrier and we successfully buried the unconstructive reviews to the backwaters.

Case Study-8: IP address traced 
Customer Painpoint:
We do not just deal with reputation-harming content by removing it or pushing it to pages beyond search criterion; we also take pride in zeroing in on the culprits. Defamatory content posted about a director of a Delhi-based company was enough to drive the victim to the edge.
What we did: The case landed in our lap and we dug deep. Within days, we were able to put the case to rest. We investigated and informed our client about the name and the IP address location of the person who posted the negative and offensive comments.

Case Study-9: Real estate builder
Customer Painpoint:
Small players in business industry always dream about making a mark in international circuit. But with competition so tough, it is not an easy task. Definitely not if you are doing it alone. A Real estate builder company, a big brand name in India (name cannot be disclosed due to security reasons), wanted to penetrate the international market but was facing roadblocks.
What we did: We instituted a special team, comprising of bloggers, journalists and business strategists that went about its job in clinical fashion. Encouraging and constructive reviews about the company started appearing online in a series of well-documented facts and soon enough, the real estate company entered the international domain and is a leading player in the market today.

Case Study-10:Personal information
Customer Painpoint:
Attackers love using social networking sites to steal people’s identities. Since people share personal information so freely on these sites, it’s not hard to gain enough information to steal an identity. You may be wondering how this could be a risk for a corporation. The answer is pretty obvious. If an employee’s identity is stolen, that identity can be used by an attacker to create fake employee identity credentials, such as ID cards and business cards. Attackers can then use these credentials to gain access to corporate offices. A company faced a similar problem and was dealing with its repercussions on a daily basis.
What we did: We became a partner and helped them monitor the use of social networking sites regularly. We indulged in risk analysis and soon enough, the damage became so minimal, it was almost absent.

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