Facebook Comes Up With a New Terminology To Justify Its News Feed

Social media giant Facebook has come up with a new terminology which states that it will only showcase the ‘trustworthy’ news in its feed. Using the member surveys to identify high-quality outlets and fight melodrama and bad information.
With more than 2 billion month Facebook users, it said that the members and not the company executives would down vote the bad content and rank it in terms of trustworthiness. Besides, its emphasis would also be on local news source.
The impact of this move would change the scenario completely. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook said, “We are expecting a shrink of news on our website by 20 percent, to about 4 percent from all content from 5 percent currently.”
Further more, Zuckerberg has stated that he settled on the idea of surveying Facebook users after rejecting having the company itself in the news outlets ‘trustworthiness’, and they have planned on not to release a  survey,as it will create an incomplete picture of how a story’s position in a person’s feed is determined.
The company’s decision to shrink up its news feed is a conscious decision to fight the misinformation and schism in the world today. Social media enables people to spread information fast, and the rumors even faster.
The last time it happened was when fake news was put in by the alleged Russians operatives, for the purpose of profit, during and before the US elections.It spread rumors saying that Pope Francis recommended Republican Donald Trump for US president, and that a federal agent investigating Social democrat Hilary Clinton has been found dead.
Excitingly, it can be easily concluded from the decisions that this social media company has had enough of editorial dilemmas, where it has earlier been often renowned as a media company, promoting business. Showing less of this kind of content sees Facebook out of all allegations, who can then focus on making money, the good way.
Now, will the term ‘trustworthy’ build up trust or break it even farther, only time will tell. However,  Facebook must remember that if people find the news feed boring, they have other social media options available.

Source : aReputation

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