Town Hall: The Latest Release by Facebook To Promote Civic Engagement

Popular social media platform Facebook is rolling out new features on a spree this season. Another addition to be made on the social networking website is of a feature called, Town Hall. Even though the option hasn’t officially launched worldwide yet, it will soon be introduced to all, to aid political communication take place with much clarity. The idea is to not just feed questionable news about a political topic but rather strike a direct conversation.

The release took place on Monday, with the site launching a feature that dedicatedly helps people connect with their local election contesting candidates. Once you enter your residential address, Facebook then enables ‘Town Hall’, letting you take a look at the representatives from your district. This way, you can connect with your favorite candidate by following up their pages, contacting them regarding a concern or feedback, sharing your point of view, suggesting reforms that you think should take place, and more.

Facebook Messenger will be used as a mediator for enabling you to contact your choice of local electoral representatives via message, call, or even email. So the next time you are not satisfied with their speech or have a complaint regarding the infrastructure in your area, you know where to login. 

The agenda of introducing a feature like Town Hall was to promote and elevate the level of civic engagement between the representatives and the locals. This way, everybody can share their point of views and get them heard without much ado. The feature is also said to be integrated with your FB News Feed area to show you posts that your local representatives must be sharing on their page or profile. Better yet, you can connect either by reacting to these posts or by commenting on them. Facebook is gradually taking over reality with its online social circle and activities, thus bringing the virtual space to life.

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