Facebook to Introduce Fact-Checking Alert Feature

A while back, Facebook was allegedly accused of sharing fake and misleading content pieces that apparently led to the election of President Donald Trump. To fight back the accusations, the social media platform introduced a ‘fact-checking alert’ feature. Reportedly, the feature will notify users when a link consisting of fake content is being shared. The alert displays a message, stating that the content has been ‘disputed by multiple, independent Fact-checkers’ you can either continue sharing or abort.

Facebook announced in December that it will develop a tool in partnership with independent fact-checking websites. This was planned in order to crack down broadcast of misleading information on the respective platform. Facebook users first noticed the tool when they tried sharing a story link that was falsely claiming hundreds of thousands Irish citizens being brought into the US as slaves.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder and CEO of Facebook, took to the social media platform and mentioned in one of his statements: “We (Facebook) are a new platform for public discussions. This means we are responsible for enabling people to have a meaningful conversation.”

Users of the popular social media still have the option to ‘Post Anyway’. But the ‘About Disputed Content’ button takes you to the links of websites like Snopes and Associated Press that have fact-checked the article. This helps readers to know the reason behind the content been deemed as false news.

Currently, the feature is available to a handful of users only. Facebook is yet to announce the day when it will finally roll out the feature for the masses.

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