Facebook May Soon Start Using Mid-rolls to Tactfully Promote Ads In Videos

Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll are methods of pushing ads in respective sections of a video and Facebook may soon be implementing one of it. The quest for new channels by Facebook for the purpose of advertising is instigating it to test mid-rolls ads. Mid-roll is meant to manage an advertisement in the middle of a video.

A video on Facebook will need to be of 90 seconds duration at least to feature a mid-roll ad in it. The ad will only appear in a video if the viewer stays long enough to watch it for at least 20 seconds. In comparison to YouTube ads, which caps at 30 seconds, the company is capping an ad length at exactly half its duration, i.e. 15 seconds. In addition, 55% of the generated revenue will belong to the publisher, which is similar to the split provided by YouTube.

The strategy of mid-roll is crucial for the company as it will delay the excessive ad load. Moreover, a maximum of the ads it shows are done without degrading user experience on the app or website. However, the CFO David Wehner has expressed this problem as a perpetrator of slow-down in the growth of ad revenue generation by the mid of 2017.

An increased flow of dollars from traditional to digital ads is noticeable, owing to the growing use of Smartphone, videos, and social spending changing the face of the US market. Marketers in the next five years or more will start embracing mobiles increasingly as it drives more spending on social, video, display as compared to the traditional media such as magazines and newspapers.

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  1. Just by following this blog I get to know so much about keeping up with business engagement trends going on in the industry these days. Helps a lot in maintaining reputation consistently.

  2. I agree. The mid-rolls will enhance user experience. I used to get so annoyed by the ads popping up the very second a video started.