ORM Companies Can End Brand Defamation Practices

Critical feedbacks matter as much as positive reviews do. Online platforms have made it easier for users to instantly share their experience with a product or service in the form of reviews. However, critical comments are productive, only as long as they come from genuine users. aReputation Complaints management team guarantees mitigation of any defamatory remarks that may be disgracing you or your brand online.

A bunch of brands could be providing services similar to yours, increasing challenges in maintaining your reputation online because of the tough competition.

The newest of gadgets are significantly affected by online reviews & complaints posted about different product ranges. Thousands of such reviews are posted online, nearly every second of the day. There is no way you could know how the bad reviews propagate, unless you read them yourself.

Just going through user feedback is enough to decide upon a product. Truly convenient, but how safe and dependable could these reviews be? Fake client reviews, feedbacks, and testimonials can easily be made to look like a genuine one. This is where aReputation Complaints service helps your brand up battle the falsities.

The practice of rivals destroying a brand’s online reputation has increased rapidly. In 2013, Samsung was fined heavily for hiring people to write delusively about its rival, HTC. The brand got caught in a legal entanglement for this act of defamation, and ended up paying $340,300 as fine, issued by Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission.

Consumers have largely become dependent on online platforms for evaluating a brand. Such activities are carried out either by posting false or defamatory reviews & complaints about a competitor brand or by hiring people to do so at a minimal price.

aReputation Complaints is a redressal service that not only rectifies online reputation for an individual or brand, but also monitors it to prevent any potential damage in future. We remain in regular practice of monitoring and taking care of your online reputation whether it is badly affected or is likely to be targeted.


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  2. I too have heard of the HTC case. It was such a sensational one. Thankfully, firms like aReputation exist giving the assurance to business to get back on track once again.