Social Brand Mentions and Tools to Capitalize for Marketing

To observe your growth rate and notice how far you have come, you need to keep an eye on your online presence and monitor the occurring changes from time to time. Unless and until you monitor the presence of your brand on the internet, you are not working for your online reputation management, which certainly is the need of this hour.

Monitoring your brand’s online mention gets the requisite attention towards your brand along with well deserving praise of the same and criticism at certain points of time which should be seen as an opportunity for the brand, by the brand.

You can use certain Google analytical tools to monitor your online presence, which will notify you whenever your name gets mentioned anywhere. Then you can act as per the situation, i.e. thank for praising or apologizing for inconvenience along with mending the ways to do things the right way.

On praise: if somebody liked your product or service and mentions your name over the social media, you can show the generosity by thanking that person on the platform for others to see that you value your customers’ response.

On criticism: when your audience criticises you, revert publically for others to notice and know that you care for them and apologise personally or publically as per the need of the moment. Take it offline if you can to resolve the matter and save others from the heated conversation.

Analyse: IceRocket is the free analysis tool, which will analyse your social media presence on the internet which you can utilise and act as per your need.

Google Alerts: the reason it makes third to this list is the familiarity of the same. People promoting their business over the internet use it initially when they go online and amend things accordingly. There are many corporate houses which can afford expensive and more advanced tools but still using Google Alerts’ services due to its high reliability rate.

You need to gather all the negative reviews and data about your brand on quarter basis, only if you are a big brand; for small brands, this process goes hand in hand.

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