Using Twitter for your B2B branding

Generating leads with customers is not that much of a task, as it is to generate them among professionals. It is quite a tough job to convince the experience holder experts to invest in your brand. They know the value of their money as they earned it the same way you did, that is why you need to approach them with something unique plus which is worth their money. Looking different and serving the audience like no-one does, is not everybody’s cup of tea. Think out of the box to attract them and in order to that, you need to get noticed before your competitors. Twitter is emerging as a source for generate such leads as top most industries are marking their presence over there. So it’s more like an opportunity for many organizations to be at their service.

Generating business leads from other businesses is a hard nut to crack. We are providing you with few easy to follow steps to crack that nut in a few strokes without sweating much:
Schedule tweets
Share tweets from best sources of industry
Involve in social media discussions
Differentiate your twitter page

Keep yourself actively involved on Twitter by regular posts and uploads, but only relevant ones. Stay in touch with recent trends and update your audience regarding the same to make an impression that you are an aware and passion driven organization working towards serving the needs of ones in need.


  1. Finding many organizations actively present on Twitter is a common story nowadays. I come across many campaigns being organized for this purpose on Twitter daily. And I am not amazed to find it a successful initiative as everything is present online for with the purpose of branding themselves. The points you mentioned are quite simple and really easy to remember even for a newbie. It is very effective as well. I would like you to be more specific about each point some day in near times. Just a suggestion..

  2. Without a doubt twitter is an effective platform to reach huge number of audience. Uploading anything regarding your business is essential but uploading it on more relevant site is need of the hour. And twitter is serving both these purposes effectively and efficiently. So I am in its support.

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