Using Google Adwords for Branding is in!

Branding is the word which you hear every day and the first thing comes to your mind hearing it, is Advertising. There are numerous ways to do your branding online. Be it making a facebook page, pinning on pinterest, tweeting to your audience and what not; you might have tried it all. But did you ever consider advertising your brand on Google? Well, if not, then you should not delay the thought from occurring in your mind. Google is the search engine used around the world and your company’s name popping up even above that “about 1,000,000,000 results” list, is like living your dream. Well Google Adwords is that hi-tech genie who will fulfill your wish to be on the top. So whenever anybody searches for “best service provider for (this service) in (this place)”, your Ad will pop up highlighted to be considered by the surfer at least once.

Google Adwords is that advertising service offered by Google which any business is looking forward to use and display their Ads to be seen by the prospecting customers. You can use this service paying a requisite amount asked by the service provider to be paid only when your Ad is clicked by the viewer. Google Adwords have few allowed and prohibited keywords which can be and cannot be used respectively in your ad, so that you don’t break any internet protocol. There are ample ways to use Google Adwords for increasing the awareness about your brand among the masses,
which are:
Using the display network
Using the search network
Assessing familiarity with the brand

These are the cheapest ways to spread awareness about your brand on Google, target the audience on the basis of their specific search on Google and measure the awareness of your brand among people. These tools not only drive the traffic to your site but also give a choice to advertise in either the form of text or banner. It is trending nowadays so live the present and be a part of this vogue.

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  1. I am one of those people who first open those ad links and then look for other relative results if not satisfied with my first choice, which rarely happens. None of us have time to go through various links and choose from them. It is basic human nature to go for the top most result (so is mine), taking it into account and considering it the best. And I think many people does the same. So I think it’s a good idea to advertise on google using google adword (new term for me) as it prioritize your brand name to pop up on the top.