Wanna know about your social marketing online? Do the math!

With the excess of internet usage nowadays it’s not so difficult to find someone or something in this virtual world. Just Google up the name and you will be able to get an idea of that person or organization with plenty of options flooding on your screen. Same thing must be happening with you or your business; when you are going through somebody else’s profile, somebody else must be going through yours. Simultaneously! And you know what kind of impression it conveys of a person or its business and builds a perception of the same in no time. So in order to avoid the undesirable information on search engine you must know how to manage your digital footprint. 

In this article we will be focusing upon those few points which you should keep in mind if you want to come over your negative image which pops up on Google. First of all you need to map your current footprint online and observe all the negativity which being spread against your persona and leaving an adverse effect on the viewer’s mind. Then delete all other accounts which you don’t access frequently think twice before posting anything on your Facebook profile or page and thrice before uploading any picture. Give it a though if that post or picture is that important to be posted online. You also need to manage your privacy settings in order to avoid the unwanted consequences.

After doing it all you need to work towards making a positive image of yours or your business among your viewers. In this way you will be helping yourself in building your convincing personality over the internet. Now is the time to nail it.


  1. The more any tweet gets retweeted, it automatically becomes a trend on twitter. Although I knew that doing its math is gonna help in tracking your reach but never bothered to do so. I have never kept record of it, but after reading this, I’m definitely gonna track the number of times my tweet got retweeted as I also wanna spread awareness about my presence online. I will also try the same for my facebook page, will look for same pattern in my previous uploads and updates too. Thanks btw…

  2. Thanks for providing this info. These steps are very much useful to look after your online reputation management. I will suggest one of my friends to go through this piece of writing as he is striving to mark his presence on internet. Thanks again!