Social Media Monitoring

This globally close-knit virtual universe, while extremely benefitting in touching base with thousands of people, also allows more than enough space for unwarranted abrupt intrusions into the lives of many. Speaking of that, Social Media is among the most rapidly developing branch of the internet and is gaining immense popularity with almost every single individual, who possesses basic computer knowledge. It caters to individuals a widespread platform for the expression of their views & opinions with people across the globe and thus, enables meeting like-minded souls to share what they have in common. But the fact which counts is that once you step into the digital cosmos, almost everyone else is privy to what you say, do and how you act online and there’s only little control one can exercise on that part.

This, in turn, gets most tricky when your current or potential employers move into the picture and indulge into social media monitoring for their employees at length. This becomes critical because how you present yourself online begins to indirectly or directly define your professional stature to a great extent and powerfully influences your co-workers/ employers attitude towards you. This can significantly hamper your freedom of expression and your right to a free, personal space online, which is undoubtedly disturbing.

Having said that, employers are legally rightful of keeping track of their current or prospective employees’ social behavior in the physical as well as virtual world. They can, at times, land into trouble or harm their own business repute owing to some illegal, immoral, unethical or controversial statement/ act of their employees. But employers or the HR personnel are only human and their tendency puts them at a risk of going overboard with the check, which even result into bias and prejudices towards people for their social conduct online, which is in no way appropriate. The apt way to go about things would certainly be professional but there’s very thin line between eyeing what’s relevant to moving into personal specifics.  

And, as much as it is unfortunate, an individual is often left disappointed and feeling at the edge quite often, being exposed to the hard hitting reality of the contemporary cyber space technology. So, while it is important to monitor in specific suspicious cases, a general deep dig-in into the personal lives and non-official time of their workers is extremely unhealthy to both the parties. A successful organization should only be concerned as far as the company’s productivity, security, confidentiality and the professional entity of their staff, period. Beyond the official time and matters, people ought to have every right to a secure and liberal private zone, uninterrupted by any undesirable eavesdropping.     

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