Online Reputation Management- Guard Your Social Stature

If you have negative web searches in your name or even if you have irrelevant or negligible web searches for your company’s keywords on popular search engines, then you are in definite need of a recognized online reputation management (ORM). At times, we do not understand the criticality of our online reputation when in reality, it can actually tarnish our social and financial standing much more than even a word of mouth spread out in the physical world. Virtual world is any day grabbing the attention of many more and is a key factor in building your brand image. This is so because your reputation is not what you think or what you really are rather it stems from what others perceive of you/ your business. Your public image is a product made from a single raw material namely perception and generally, whatever is written and promoted well tends to be believed easily.

I know this personally for a fact as I have been on the other end of the side, not very long back. And, the gradual downfall of my online reputation is what bought me to take the worthy services of the globally renowned firm, aReputation. Barely a year ago, the name of my well–established healthcare unit was bounced publically, getting all negative reviews and posts further to a baseless claim of one of the supposed customers. It was not long before it drastically affected my business in ways unimagined, for we were going fairly well, having nothing gone critically wrong till the time.

I realized then, how one single content online can act as such as huge deterrence to your long and hard earned repute over night. Exploring my options, when I decided to associate my company’s name with aReputation, giving its brand building in their hands, honestly I was quite skeptical about the way things would work out. The ORM firm eventually negated all my fears and worries with their successful and highly impactful campaign to first repair and then, manages my online reputation. Their strategic offerings for active content marketing promotion and a smart marketing approach to handling affairs worked wonders for rebuilding my business. Once, I saw my company’s name steer clear of all the controversy, did I take a sigh of relief.  


  1. now a days it's important to monitor your social media health

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