10 Tips on How to Push Down Negative Search Results

It’s tough to deal with negative criticism, isn’t it? Regardless of how old you are or how “seasoned” you become it just plain hurts to see someone talk bad about you, especially from those that you feel “got it all wrong” – which is most of the time, right?

I’ve been asked this question a few times before and I think it makes sense to include it as one of the last posts in the business blog series as it can relate directly to your efforts and motivation for starting (and seriously working on and building) a successful corporate blog.

Frank asked me most recently because he has two friends who are authors who are struggling with some negative press in search results and I decided that it was a good enough reminder to spend a few moments talking about how to push down those negative search returns that appear on Google and the other search engines without having to pay some “SEO Guru” or some other SEO Agency thousands of dollars that you don’t have!

And unfortunately here’s the hard truth: There is probably some negative criticism about you out there on other blogs, other websites, or even forums that you’re not going to want your potential customers to spend time reading.

Whether the criticisms or negative press is warranted is not the focus in this post but the point is that you’re going to want to push it as far down as you possibly can since there’s really no way for you to get it removed (and it’s really not worth the effort).

Although there is no strategy that will work 100% perfectly I have used some of the following strategies that have worked with great success with previous clients.

1. Social Media Profiles

The first strategy is to create as many social networking profiles that you can fully populate and use. The last part is the most important as creating social networking profiles just to create profiles isn’t nearly as important as creating ones that will actually be used.

For example, creating social networking profiles on Digg.com without actually using the service may show up for a little while but will quickly fade as a positive resource and search return. But signing up and registering for a Twitter account and then using it daily will be infinitely better.

Here are some sites that I almost always register with that consistently provide high search returns which push down negative ones:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Profile – An incredible way to create a personal branding page too, which would be very strategic! Read the Personal Branding series for even more goodness.
  • Quora – This one apparently has incredible SEO. But you have to contribute well!
  • LinkedIn – I personally am not a fan of LinkedIn but it does work.
  • YouTube – This can be tough but creating video content will push nearly everything down a bit. You have to do this well, wisely and consistently.

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