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Indian corporate relying on 'aReputation' for positive media outreach

Business in the 21st century is undergoing a sea change, with commercial entities and their leaderships increasingly moving away from dicey and non-measurable marketing and public relation strategies to corporate reputation management.

There is a growing awareness in industry and management circles that in the warp-speed world of today, one wrong move can have you nailed, especially through social networking mediums such as Twitter and Facebook.

Proactive brand reputation management as opposed to enlisting public relation firms to deal with criticism and crises is the mantra for retaining a sound reputation and in turn possessing the potential to stimulate stock prices.

Given the existing market climate, a company's success or failure is largely dependent on how it is recognized. Large enterprises are accountable to shareholders and investors. There is pressure to log in profit and more often than not, there is a wrong move. Slip-ups like reckless expansion and wobbly strategies can damage reputations and that is likely to lead to a deficit in public trust. READ MORE

Demand for online reputation companies rises to tackle negative reviews

The demand for online reputation companies worldwide has increased manifold in an era where the internet remembers it all, whether it is malicious rumors, disreputable remarks, photographs that reflect poorly upon an individual, scandalous conversations and much more.
This modern-day predicament can be tackled, and arrested, through online reputation management.

Businesses and brands are increasingly looking for companies that offer customized services in cleaning up search engine results.

Imagine a disgruntled ex-employee with a simmering grudge, who has the potential to tarnish the brand’s reputation through a variety of means-a shattering review, a poor blog, an uncomplimentary link or a livid rave. If all of this finds a place in the top 10 Google spots, the click-through rates will take a nosedive. Such unwarranted comments can linger for years. Unfortunately, Google’s search algorithms can make content seem more recent and pertinent than it is.

What can one do to prevent a compny from being slimed or maligned unfairly? How would one go about fixing that?This is where online reputation companies come in, and one such company, aReputation (, has apparently emerged as the global defender against unfair online attacks. READ MORE

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