aReputation aRepair

Reputation repairs are often offered for short term regardless of the long standing and hard to erode reputation damages. We offer a 7-step procedure and patent pending EFIIA methodology for reputation management and repair. It goes as follows:

Tracking: We track all good and bad content that has been aired which is specific to identified important keywords.

Request: We request publishers/aReputation’s commercially motivated contacts for removal of malicious content by citing suitable reasons.

Threat: We send legal complains, notices and orders citing threatening implications for publishing malicious content.

Identify: We break IP proxy chains to reach your defamer and initiate a dialogue with him asking for malicious content removal.

Force: Cyber Bullying is a crime and has been committed against you. We use advanced penetration testing techniques, if required.

Commerce: Used as a last resort and from within our fee, we use monetary means to protect your reputation.

Search Engine Optimization: Our SEO optimizers, link builders and content writers ensure that the link containing malicious content is pushed beyond the 2nd page (visited by less than 3% viewers).

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