Social media business reputation

Using social media can be a great tool for businesses, but there are times they need to be cautious about what’s posted online.
A recent study published by the MSLGroup shows 77 percent of businesses are more aware that their mistakes could be made even worse if they don’t address it correctly online.
One area marketing specialist has some advice. He says rather than focus on the medium being used, he suggests businesses stick to perfecting the content.
“It takes time to understand how to communicate, how to be good at it, but the great thing about it is most of the tools are free. It does take some time and that’s a cost for sure, but the tools are free and rewards experimentation,” said Director of Marketing and Planning said Steve Davis with Mercy Medical Center North Iowa.
Davis says he expects to see even more businesses take a serious approach to what they post on social media.M
Especially following recent events like Target’s data breach and the damage control that took place following that incident.
“Social is about conversations and conversations a lot of business people nervous because people talk back,” said Davis.

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