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The ever-evolving world of information technology is beset with grave dangers that could malign your reputation that you earned through blood and sweat. Slander has become a trade with more and more businesses landing in jeopardy Note: It is not as yet a doomsday prophecy but it is widely predicted that in the next five years, a whopping 83% of the enterprises will be confronted with the menace of finding their reputation getting smudged online. Furthermore, it has been observed that an adverse online reputation slashes down your share prices by 30%! 

aReputation, through its ethical strategies, can defend your online reputation by overpowering negative content on the search results by replacing it with the positive ones.The search engines are an extremely powerful marketing tool. They can make or break your digital existence, in a blaze.One the one hand, it has the power to provide you with brand acknowledgement prospects but the flip side is more essential to note. It can denigrate your efforts by infusing second thoughts in the minds of your business ventures. We believe there are three things to look for when dealing with online reputation management: Observe, Optimize and Administer!

When dealing with online reputation management, we need to monitor and observe forums, brands, products, blogs, and companies. Google, yahoo alerts and social media tags like are some of the more popular places to look. Optimizing is an effective preventive measure. Optimizing one’s brand, all digital communication, related electronic content available on the net and social media like text, photographs and videos will result in more branded content in search engines. Attending at once to a negative review or online conflict has been identified as the next thing to do. There are a few ways to approach this: Firstly, researching about the situation and trying to find if there is something positive in it. Secondly, after finding out that there is no merit in what was written, try finding out the facts in order to rectify it. Thirdly, getting ready to respond on your own blog or on the others blog and being honest and transparent with what you have to say. 


Reputation management services 
Scan all major search engines for negative information 
Scan market or industry-specific forums, blogs, review sites and chatrooms 
Scan social networking media - Facebook, Bebo, LinkedIn, Zoominfo, etc. 
Scan market or industry-specific online media, i.e. online magazines and news source 

Reporting on all negative published online information Fast-action reputation management - our team has many tried and tested methods for managing any negative information out of the picture so that it is no longer a threat to you or your business Month by month continued analysis of your online market space.

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