Remove Name From Google

What does Google say about you? And do you wince when you are staring at nasty and spiteful junk shadowing your good name? You might as well. Because you are not the only one. There are sure to be others who are forming foul opinions about you.  You will find yourself or your company in defensive mode. When this happens, a clear response plan can help everyone stay focused on effective damage control. The World sees what the search engines say about YOU. With our monitoring and elimination services YOU control the search engines. We will customize a solution to fit your needs. Reputation crises only get worse when ignored. You need to get to the root of the cause and it would be wise to enlist help.It is mostly a helpless situation where you are left high and dry. You have done nothing outrageous but someone else can inadvertently defame you. Just look at the trouble U.S. presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum, is having with his surname being used to refer to something other than himself. Although there are ways to deal with such situations, there are no foolproof ways to root the evil out. 


Criminals can use your personal information to threaten you and hurt your family. If you are serious about protecting your identity, your family, or your business, you should take immediate action to block your personal information from public scrutiny. The good news is that there are websites, services and tools available to accomplish this but if truth be told, there is no sure-shot way to completely erase the published material since it is already indexed by the search engines because not only do they keep cached copies of the pages, there are also services out there that go through all of the web pages on the Internet and create copies of them at specific times.



The best approach in such circumstances is to make sure that there is lots of constructive information about you on the web to offset what negative things might be getting said. So build up a web presence – website / blog, Twitter page, Facebook page. Our professional set-up with profound knowledge in the subject gives us the cutting edge and we have made substantial difference to damaged reputation over the years. Our experienced team will take immediate steps to remove rip-off reports from the first pages of Google and suppress damaging online content to the back-most pages where there are hardly any visitors. We make sure positive material, describing in detail your good name graces the first pages beyond which people normally don’t tread.There are a couple of online personal profile services that are indexed by the search engines and will show up pretty high for most names. For example, if you search my name, say ‘Aseem Kishore’, you’ll see I show up for, Blogger profile, SEOmoz profile, profile, etc. Our advice is this - Wherever you can create a profile, create one!

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